Can I put these in my backyard?

YES! In 2020 California had massive sweeping legislation change, mostly through SB-13 and AB-68, ensuring cities could not get in the way of building Accessory Dwelling Units (granny flats). Los Angeles and San Diego took it one step further by passing a Tiny Home as ADU ordinance. If anyone at a city tells you different, they are uneducated.

Are these mobile homes or rvs?

These units are classified as “Tiny Homes On Wheels“. This is a new classification of housing right in between mobile homes and RVs. Fast And Easy ADU's are built on a trailer but are built to the quality of a residential home. They are easy to buy, easy to finance, easy to insure, easy to transport, easy to place, easy to live in, easy to repair and easy to sell.

Where are these homes built?

Our factory is located at 328 S. Mountain View Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408. If you would like a tour of the build process, get in touch, and we’d be happy to schedule a factory tour with you!

How are these connected to utilites?

A third party installer will handle the permitting, installation, and utility connection of your home. Tiny Homes on Wheels are connected just like an RV to park-style hookups or hard connected to your existing utilities. You do not need a second meter for any utilities.

What if I'm on septic?

Septic systems come in all sizes and styles. Depending on your system’s age, size, and the number of occupants on your property, it may need to be upgraded.

Are these homes on a permanent foundation?

No. These are Department of Transportation registered trailers. Once parked they can be elevated by jacks and the undercarriage can be covered with skirting, however a permanent foundation is an option if desired.

Is there a warranty?

Your ADU comes with a 1 year warranty.

Are these certified in any way?

Yes. They are ANSI certified by our plant certification company NTA.

How are these bought and sold?

Tiny Homes On Wheels are bought and sold just like cars. They are registered, liened, and transferred through the DMV. Our homes do not require registration with California Department of Housing and Community Development.

How are these financed?

Tiny Homes on Wheels are DMV registered and fall under chattel financing programs.

How are these insured?

Because these units are ANSI certified they can be insured by most major insurance companies.

What makes these different from mobile homes?

They're actually mobile. The primary issue with "mobile" homes is how much they cost to move and how cheap the build quality is. It is tow-ready and built to residential standards.

Can I tow these on city streets and highways?

Yes. Fast And Easy ADU's are 100% compliant with the Department of Transportation and are legal on all streets where RVs are permitted.

Do I need a special vehicle to move these?

We estimate that a ¾ to 1 ton truck (IE: Ford F250 or F350) should be able to tow these homes. Be sure to check the towing capabilities of your vehicle before moving your home.

What if I don't have RV access?

Don't worry. Our homes can easily be craned into your yard.

Can I make mine look like my house?

Yes. All Fast And Easy ADU's are delivered white and can be painted to match the color of your current home.

Will these units have RV style kitchens and baths?

No. Fast And Easy ADU's have a full, apartment-sized kitchen with optional standard-sized appliances (depending on the model) plus full residential bathroom.

Can I easily hide the wheels and hitch from view?

Yes. The hitch can be removable and your home can be skirted to cover the undercarriage.

Are they handicap adaptable?

Yes. All openings in Fast And Easy ADU's are designed with the disabled in mind. The interior can be modified to fit individual needs. They are elevated so a ramp will be required for wheelchair access.

Are you selling them furnished?

No. However they do come with some appliances (depending on the model) and TVs. You can also customize a unit to include more appliances.

Where can I find parts to repair my unit?

Fast And Easy ADU's are built from normal residential materials that can be purchased at any major home improvement store.

Are these homes difficult to upgrade?

No. The entire design is simple to repair and upgrade. All the parts you need should be available at your local hardware store.